AWAY event communication

The group project involved the design of Away communication. Away is a hypothetical event agency, that organizes study trips and workshops in European cities with qualified teacher, for students and passionate about filmmaking, acting, storytelling and photography. We designed the logo of the agency, and then posters, fliers, website, and social media advertisements of four workshops. We chosed vintage images, similar to engravings, that describe every discipline, and we used bright colors on a white background to catch the eyes of passers-by. Typographic composition is the main feature of our posters, with a sans serif font used in capital letters in a variable layout.

(Designed by Chiara Brambilla, Zoe Ranno, Marco Giacobbe, Francesco Omodei)

  • advertising poster of filmmaking workshop
  • advertising poster of acting and storytelling workshops
  • advertising poster of photography workshop
  • fliers of away workshops with vintage images
  • away advertising post on instagram
  • away website with all workshops' informations