INFOGRAPHIC 16 04 2018

BRICS infographic

The project involved the creation of an infographic showing some data relating to the BRICS, the five countries that represent the major emerging economies of the world, occuping a double page of the magazine Wired. The first step was to analyze the data, find a key to reading and then extrapolate a title: Face it, China totally owns the BRICS, in fact in the infographic emerges the dominant economic position of China. The data selected concern GDP, employment, industrial production, agriculture and tourism, with a first overview of population and area. I create a geometric and abstract infographic, like those on Wired. The graphic element I used to represent data is the circle. It was complicated to organize and layout all data in a double page, bringing out the data I wanted to highlight at first glance.

  • brics infographic on a magazine's double page
  • left page of brics infographic
  • detail of brics demographic data
  • detail of china's data
  • right page of brics infographic
  • detail of brics tourism data
  • detail of brics agriculture data