illustrated poster

The poster aims to represent the aspect of the city of Lyon that I’ve found most curious: the traboules. Traboules are characteristic elements of some French cities, primarily associated with the city of Lyon. Traboules are a type of passageway that cross private courtyards allowing to directly pass through from one street to another. In my poster, thus, I’ve imagined a path through the letters of “Lyon” and the buildings of the best known traboules, in isometric projection. This urban element had an important role in the Canut revolts, the insurrections of silk manufacturers in 1831. The traboules were also used by partisans of the French Resistance during the German occupation of the France in World War II. Today they are used as shortcuts and to pass through the city while remaining sheltered from inclement weather.

  • illustrated poster of the city of lyon
  • top detail of the poster
  • centre detail of the poster
  • left detail of the poster
  • right detail of the poster
  • detail of the man jumping
  • detail of the boy skating
  • detail of the girl running
  • detail of the boy going downstairs
  • detail of the girl exploring lyon
  • outline drawing of the poster