Mohole movie posters

Posters of three short film produced by Scuola Mohole, created by Filmmaking students. After reading the scripts, I’ve imagined three illustrations that describe the main concept of the film. For example in the poster of L’eremita tells about a man who lives all alone in his tent without any contact with the outside world: I’ve made an allegory with a soap bubble, because the protagonist “lives in a bubble”, that is about to been exploded by a needle, which symbolize the frightening outside world. The style of the illustrations and the colors are in line with the atmosphere that the stories has given to me. My poster for Il tempo di una canzone e Alice have been chosen as the final posters by the creators of the films, from among all the proposals of other Mohole’s graphic design students.

  • l'eremita movie poster
  • alice movie poster
  • il tempo di una canzone movie poster